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  • AD Martin Lumber Company – Nearing 70 Years of Service to Fremont County


                      As 2022 begins, the Riverton Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce their

    first Business of the Month honoree, the AD Martin Lumber Company, doing

    business on Riverton’s West Main Street since 1954.

                      The story begins with the arrival of Mr. AD Martin to Fremont County in the mid-

    1920’s, then opening a long running and successful business in Lander. As the 50’s

    dawned, he was winding down his career in the horse drawn implement sector,

    and was looking forward to retirement. Not long after stepping down, he became

    unhappy with the slow pace of his many days off. Then, after hearing about the

    forthcoming sale of another lumber company in Riverton, AD made his move and

    purchased the business on West Main without telling a soul. Next day, he phoned

    his two sons, Davis and Jack, urging them to quit their current jobs and come to

    work for him, back in their home town of Riverton Wyoming. Thus began the long

    history of the AD Martin Lumber Company – the origins of a family business that

    has been passed down through the generations and now sits on four sites in

    Riverton, Dubois and Laramie.

    Davis and Jack would run the company for many years before turning it over to

    their respective sons, Mike and Joe. For many years, AD Martin Lumber rode the

    wave of prosperity that swept though Fremont County during the uranium and oil

    booms, growing along the way. In 1993, Mike bought out Joe’s share of the

    organization. During this time, Mike and Kate’s family was growing and when

    their son John reached the age of twelve, he began his involvement in the

    company’s truss plant, located near Central Wyoming Airport. After high school,

    John would leave for college in Laramie, a time he recalls fondly. Then, as

    graduation neared, he received a phone call from his father, inviting him to return

    home and join the family business. John talks about arriving at a point, 10 years

    later, where he was ready to take the helm and Mike was ready to slow down and

    enjoy spending more time with family and his many interests. So in November of

    2013, John Martin was officially installed as owner and general manager of the AD

    Martin Lumber Company, the position that he holds to this day.

    If you’re at the AD Martin yard, don’t be surprised to see Mike - he comes around

    almost daily, because as John likes to say, he enjoys the free coffee and touching

    base with old friends that have been doing business there for a very long time.

    Most recently, John opened the newest AD Martin Lumber location in Laramie

    and tells us that is doing very well. The truss plant recently expanded and,

    according to John, sells product to builders all across the Cowboy State. A true

    family business going all the way back to 1954, continuing to build on the

    strength of their long standing commitment to customer service and providing

    the very best in building materials to contractors and home owners across the

    area – AD Martin Lumber.


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