6 Business Technologies Every Riverton, WY Small Business Owner Needs

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Business technology is not limited to corporate use. There are certain technologies that every business, including sole proprietors, needs to run successfully. This article from the Riverton Chamber of Commerce offers insight into some of the most important software available to small business owners. Consider how each could help your business.


1. Cybersecurity Software

Research shows that cybersecurity is important for a number of reasons, including the varying types of cyber attacks, the increase in tech vulnerability, the growing number of cyber attacks, and the importance of protecting cloud storage. If your business keeps any information online or in cloud-based software, cybersecurity should be a top priority for your company. Research programs that meet your security needs and keep your clients informed if you experience any breaches.


2. Software for Payment Processing

Every business needs payment processing software. It allows you to centralize all financial transactions for your business, including payments made to suppliers and other vendors. If you allow clients to make online payments, you need a secure network that lets them enter personal and financial data without fear of security issues.


3. Project Management Software

Project management software provides a cloud-based space for you to communicate with employees and monitor project progression. For example, if you work in content creation with freelancer writers and in-house employees, they may need to collaborate on a single project. Without project management software, that would require emailing back and forth where billable hours and pertinent information can easily get lost in translation. With project management software, you can set up a single project in one space where everyone involved has access to the same information. Additionally, each individual working on the project can accurately mark their hours to ensure your billing reflects the work done.


4. Email Marketing Management Software

Marketing is a crucial element of every successful business, and one marketing trend that has survived the test of time is email marketing. With email marketing management software, you can centralize your marketing campaigns and collect data on the effectiveness of each campaign. Trace subscription information and create target audiences for email blasts so you can better personalize your emails.


As an aside, you might have digital assets that you’ll want to file and keep safe for future use. Keep these organized by creating a PDF file you can easily access. If you later discover that you’d like to put several of these files together, look for a PDF merger tool. These tools make it very simple to add PDFs together. Just place the files you want in the drop zone, arrange them as you’d like, and select Merge Files.


5. Software for Customer Relations Management

Customer relations management software is one of the most valuable types of software that a business needs. CRM promotes customer retention and can help increase your sales. With detailed analytics, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and learn more about their preferences. You can also document prospective leads and manage your communications with them. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of CRM is segmentation. The longer you are in business, the more customer information you will collect. Having a large database can be overwhelming, but CRM allows you to segment customer data for better organization, which also improves your marketing efforts.


6. Inventory Management Software

If your business provides tangible products, you need software that will manage your inventory. Different programs have different capabilities, but the best software will track your sales and keep an updated list of inventory. You can also monitor which products do best in sales to help you make decisions about discontinuations and restocking.


Find the Right Tech for Your Business

This is not a comprehensive list of business tech available on the market. You can find something for virtually every business need. Orient your goals toward streamlining operations and increasing accuracy in all departments, and you'll find ways to make business technology work for your company.


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